How Much Is It?


In your quest to get the best deal and the utmost professionalism with the amazing creativity, ensure that you are comparing apples with apples.

Experienced wedding studios, charge anywhere between 4k and 10k. The weekenders, in need of a quick cash job, charge as little as 500 bucks.

The questions you have to ask yourself, in your decision process, are: how important are my wedding memories for me? Do I want to risk it all in the hands of an amateur? Do I invest a bit more and secure a pleasant experience  and gain lasting, reliable, quality services and  goods?


Our couples seek our combined photography and video services.

With a comprehensive coverage of the preparations, ceremony, locations and reception, there is no need to worry about an hourly restricted package.

Your memories are captured by our team of skilled photo and video professionals and you receive your wedding album and your feature wedding video within weeks from your wedding day!

This package includes the pre-wedding photo session, which is the ice-breaker and the relationship-builder with your photographer.

Ongoing support and access to our abundant experience in all things wedding is a certain stress reducing asset!

There are inclusions such as brag album, all images in digital format, ready to print and share, desktop size printed portrait and your digital wedding album available to share on social media.

This is our most popular package because it’s less than 5k and it includes everything a couple needs for their wedding memories!

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