Wedding Photography


Finding the right combination of creativity/reliability/affordability in a wedding photographer seems to be nearly as important as saying I DO!

As the market is saturated with wedding photographers and their offers vary to a confusing degree, keep these three features at the top of your selection list:

  1. AIPP member: this testifies to a professional photographer’s reliability, knowledge, professionalism, public liability
  2. Boutique studio:
    • low overheads (which means better prices for the same package you would get at a studio with a front shop and employees)
    • personalised service (you will meet with your wedding photographer at the initial interview)
    • flexibility (there’s often room to move in many aspects of the deal, without encountering possible additional charges or a refusal)
  3. CLICK!

You will meet them way before your wedding day, they will be part of such an intimate and special part of your life; you will most likely bring your babies back to them for family portraits! You will always remember your experience with them when you look at your wedding album.

Therefore, it is important to LIKE your wedding photographer, to click and to feel comfortable around one another.

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